mPromo (Mobile Trade Promotion Management) is a SAP Sybase Unwired Platform based solution that empowers the field personnel with tools to plan, execute and track trade promotion events effectively. The power of mobility provides ability to make instant decisions to plan and negotiate promotion events with customer. mPromo is also capable of executing what-if analysis, tracking promotion compliance and sending feedback to management. The trade promotion details are rendered in a simple & easy use way as such it would help the sales force in their negotiations & also addresses hurdles in tracking promotion execution at the store level. Since most of the functionality of the native device integrates with mPromo, the application can be used both in the online as well as offline mode. The synchronization feature provides the flexibility to perform the backend server updates whenever the internet connectivity is available. This User Guide for iPad version of mPromo application is designed to guide users with the installation and running of the mobile app. The following is a snapshot of the enhanced features for the iPad version of the mPromo mobile application.

1. The Map screen as landing page for the user to locate the store.
2. The store selection based on the manual search
3. Store visit and related trade promotions planned
4. Data analytics of stores.
5. Optimization of trade promotion By What if analysis
6. Compliance capturing and Feedback capture for a trade promotion
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