Get fit. Have fun. Gather your friends and build a fitness circle. Workout together or workout individually. Score points by exercising. Play some pickup basketball, hit the gym or attend yoga class. The more active you are, the higher you will rank amongst your friends. See how you compare.

Inspire, push, and cheer on others. Brag about your pushups. Impress others with the marathon you finished. Motivate or be motivated. Got dragged to a gym? Get bonus points. Fitness 'N Friends helps you accomplish your fitness goals and have fun at the same time with your friends.

Main Features

•Facebook login. Find and add your friends from Facebook.
•Create or join a circle.
•Leaderboard for each circle.
•Quick and easy-to-use tracking system.
•Tag a workout buddy and score points together.
•Live activity stream. Stay up-to-date with your friend's workouts.
•Commenting on your friend’s activities.


Fitness 'N Friends is not a training program. It is an application that helps you SOCIALIZE your FITNESS LIFE. Its primary goal is to encourage you to “get off your couch” by providing a simple tool to easily track, share and discuss your workout activities. It is designed to work independently or in conjunction with whatever training tools or devices you already use.

FNF is for ALL LEVELS of conditioning, whether someone is an athlete, just starting out or recovering from injury - it allows everyone to be competitive. You are awarded not by how fast you ran, but how much time you spent running. You are awarded not by how many pounds you can lift, but how much time you spent lifting. In other words, FNF simply encourages you to spend more time on the treadmill or keep your existing routine.

FNF works for all types of LIFESTYLES. Whether you are someone who is young and active or someone who travels/works often. It gives you a variety of options to score points from home, outdoors, playing a sport or at a gym. It does not favor any type of workout. On the contrary, it encourages users to balance their fitness regime.
  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Frameworks Core Animation Cocoa Touch
  • Analytics SDK Google Analytics
  • Mobile Features Graphics & Animation Networking Backend
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App Store Reviews
Calada, 5 stars:

Every New Years my coworkers and I compete to see who can reach their goal weight by the end of the year. Three years have passed and we always forget about it so nobody wins. We now use this app to keep score and keep the motivation going, and so far it's going great! Love it!!! It's only because of this app that workouts have become more fun, and I obviously feel more productive than if I had spent the time playing my usual Scramble with Friends hahaha

YamSifu, 5 stars:

Finally something simple and flexible, a fitness app that I'll actually use!

PetrosAnn, 5 stars:

Cool, fun app that's easy, intuitive and fun with friends!

chocolatepack, 5 stars:

lovin it!!

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