**A Customized Curriculum for "My Baby"** Created by a Registered Nurse.
Health, Wellness, Development; babyTruths(TM) provides you with simple to understand, valuable information about your newborn that YOU individualize! Correlated with your baby's date of birth, a daily "truth" states what and when your baby should be doing developmental activities, tasks, and milestones. Keep track of Vaccinations, Growth data, Developmental Milestones and create a Journal Impact Factor.
Embrace the moment, decrease stress, overcome any anxiety and EXPERIENCE all that babyTruths has to offer.
*Receive key relevant information on a daily basis about your newborn’s health, wellness and well being
*Correlates "what" your baby should be doing with "when" your baby should generally be doing all of the developmental activity (ie-Day 140 relates to your baby rolling from front to back)
*Throughout this first year, babyTruths alerts you when to contact your medical provider if certain developmental tasks are not emerging
*Input all new things your baby is doing
*Keep accurate records for vaccinations and developmental milestones
*Track your baby’s weight, length, and head circumference
*Make journal entries
*Other fun animal and cultural activities are included in the truths
*Great for all caregivers, nanny's, grandparents, daycare facilities and we can't forget about Dad’s. Fathers can stay involved and not feel like the odd man out
*Interactive Developmental Milestone Schedule, Growth and Vaccination Charts where you can complete and fill-in when accomplished and dates given

Detailed Description

Daily Truths
Receive daily truths about what your baby should be doing developmental activities during the first year of life. Our truths explain, in easy to understand language, the many evolving milestones (based on averages), tasks, and activities that your baby should be performing. Keep abreast of things like – typical sounds a baby makes, how to introduce solid food, newborn reflexes, a variety of cultural facts and even fun animal facts are included!

Interactive Screens
Tremendously informative interactive screens are included. These interactive screens allow you to accurately input your baby’s true information right into the mobile app. This is vital information to save for upcoming doctor’s visits and/or changing doctors, preschool registration and other governmental or community agency requests.

> Developmental Milestones Checklist – allows you to input the date your baby began or accomplished Motor, Language and Social developmental activities and/or tasks
> Growth Table – allows you to input and keep track of your baby’s weight, length and head circumference
> Vaccination Fill-In Schedule – allows you to input and keep track of all of your baby’s vaccination given during the first year

Growth Graphs
Separate for girls and boys, these graphs provide you with the average median growth information for weight, length and head circumference. You will be able to visualize where your baby’s growth statistics fall as compared with the 50th percentile median growth for newborns.

Vaccination Information
Based on recent vaccination information, babyTruths has compiled detailed information and descriptions about all of the vaccinations that are given during the first year. Along with the self-documented Vaccination Fill-In Screens, our app provides an easy to understand description about the necessary vaccinations.

Journal Impact Factor and Note Taking
Document and describe all of those unique moments in our endless journal entry component. WOW!... what a way to express all the emotions that you are feeling about your newborn.

Social Media
Connect with everyone with our Social Media component. Instantly tell everyone about what your baby is doing right from our mobile app.

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App Store Reviews
Nene193, 5 stars:

Its worth the money.! GREAT APP. No pop-up ads. I Recommend this app for all mothers. Very resourceful & useful. Update you on what your child should be doing each Day. Excellent facts and tips related to vaccines, milestones, and growth charts. Fabulous app to all expecting and new mothers. Buy this awesome app. You won't regret it at all.

Izzum, 5 stars:

This app is amazing. Me and my wife are able to track our son growth. I feel every parent should have this app.

Mom of a 4 month old, 5 stars:

This has everything I need. I can journal all of my thoughts, it's creative and warns me when to contact my doctor. I love the daily bits of info. I recommend and share it with all my friends and family.

Richard Hammell, 5 stars:

I am an anxious new father that has found babyTruths to be an ideal solution to my existing nervousness. I have found that it provides me with a positive way to keep abreast of what my baby should be doing. Get it, it's great!!!

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