Adapt your presentations into engaging interactive conversations. Navigate with grace by creating pathways for different audiences. Add elegant transitions to lend a polished look. Infinite PDF complements any software that can export a PDF, including visual presentation tools such as PowerPoint or Keynote.

Ready to take the next step in visual presentations? Using Infinite PDF, you can create a core spine in your presentation and build branches above or below any topic to give it more depth. Then, when presenting, you can swiftly and confidently tailor your presentation to the precise needs of your audience. The result is more than just a presentation — it’s an interactive conversation.

Your presentation’s branches create different pathways for different audiences. You nimbly choose the paths to take, depending on the questions your audience asks and the topics that interest them. With Infinite PDF, you’re ready to answer any question and to dive into any topic, through material that you’ve already prepared.

The pathways and transitions are all created using Infinite PDF’s easy-to-use interface. After you create your slides, you apply Infinite PDF as a finishing tool. You then transform your slides into pathways by moving pages about an infinite canvas to build new structures in every direction -- and through them, create a multitude of presentation options.

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Infinite PDF: One PDF, many possibilities.


“Infinite PDF is great fun to play with, and if you’ve long wanted to create presentations that could allow branching, I recommend giving it a try.” — Adam Engst -

“Infinite PDF is a great tool for anyone using PDFs for both presenting as well as reading ebooks in new and interesting ways. Documents can also be exported into other utilities such as Powerpoint or Keynote to help the business-oriented individual. Alternatively, Infinite PDF can just do some really cool things with PDF documents – giving them a little spice while organizing PDFs. Infinite PDF couldn’t be a more fitting name as it presents users with an infinite amount of possibilities.” — Mike Deenan,

“The ability to layer information thematically or by other means gives me as a presenter and teacher so much versatility. I've avoided using Prezi because of the lack of structure and architecture. With this app, I still have enormous degrees of freedom to be creative without having to create an entire framework.” — Drew Boyd, innovation author and professor at University of Cincinnati

“Infinite PDF elegantly solves the longstanding 'linearity' problem of conventional slideware. It’s easy to plan out multiple pathways so you can smoothly adjust your presentation in response to the background and interests of your audience. It’s an 'infinite canvas' product, but doesn’t give you the chaos and jumpiness typical of Prezi, and the learning curve is much shorter since you initially create your presentations in PowerPoint, Keynote, etc.” — David K. Farkas, Information Design Professor at UW


+ Flexibly tailor your presentation for any audience
+ Have all versions of your presentation content in one place
+ Enjoy an elegant and intuitive user interface
+ Organize your slides on a grid-like infinite canvas
+ With a touch of a finger move slides individually or in groups
+ Navigate both right-left and up-down
+ Add unique transitions between slides to enhance your presentation
+ Use a minimap to easily orient yourself
+ Present from your iPad using a VGA/HDMI adapter or stream using AirPlay
+ Highlight specific elements while presenting, using a built-in laser pointer
+ Complements existing popular software products such as Powerpoint & Keynote
+ Save files as PDF documents that can be read by legacy readers
+ Manipulate your slides and present without any net connection required!
  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Frameworks Cocoa Touch
Screenshots for Infinite PDF: Expand Presentations, Reports and eBooks with Interactivity Screenshots for Infinite PDF: Expand Presentations, Reports and eBooks with Interactivity Screenshots for Infinite PDF: Expand Presentations, Reports and eBooks with Interactivity Screenshots for Infinite PDF: Expand Presentations, Reports and eBooks with Interactivity Screenshots for Infinite PDF: Expand Presentations, Reports and eBooks with Interactivity
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App Store Reviews
Chaotic Moon, 5 stars:

I do a lot of presenting, and most of my presentations are in pdf format to avoid issues with the literally dozens of different configurations I run into out on the road. That said, this app is awesome! Being able to use this tool to take all of my presentations and have them in a single app with access to everything is simply wonderful. - whurley

johnclarkemills, 5 stars:

Infinite PDF allows me to create interactive presentations that tell stories the way that conversations flow rather than just flipping through a presentation. This completely changes the way that I interact with my audience let alone the way that they interact with me.

cjdilloway, 5 stars:

This app has so much potential. I cannot wait to use it in presentations I give. This is just one of those apps that makes sense.

John G - B School Dean, 5 stars:

Had the app only a few hours, but like the flexibility it provides in rearranging order, pathways, and display of PDFs as compared to other readers I've used on my iPad. More than a reader, it allows you to quickly shuffle deck. I can see it useful in our MBA classes where cases, data, and info sourced from students - and allows them to quickly arrange for presentation on the fly.

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