Watch your favorite video sharing websites now with HitBrowser like sitting on your own computer.
Enjoy the full screen and untouched video quality of your favorite movies, football games and live shows!

HitBrowser allows you to watch ANY Flash video website that otherwise don't work on your device. You don't have to tell us what site you want to watch, it simply works from the start.
Just read this short tutorial and we assure you that you will be impressed by HitBrowser.

1. Use the Browser section to navigate to your favorite video website. When you found it, you probably will see an error message saying you will need Flash installed on your device.
This is where HitBrowser do its magic. Just tap on the big Player button.
2. Next a screenshot will be generated and will be able to see a picture of the whole website as it loads on a regular computer.
3. Now just tap on that picture the Flash clip you want to see. If there are more than one clip on that page, you can tap the one you want to play.
4. Finally your clip will be loaded and you can watch on full screen, no compression, just the original quality.
An ad was loaded instead of your clip? No problem, go to the Settings section and increase the ad timing value and HitBrowser will try to skip the ads and deliver the clip you want.

* HitBrowser works only with FLV, MP4 and unencrypted RTMP streams. If you have a website that is not working you can mail us the link and we'll check it out, but it probably will be an encrypted stream as some websites are using.
* HitBrowser uses a high amount of data because is streaming the original quality of the video, so be sure to use it on a WiFi network or with an unlimited data plan.
* HitBrowser supports only Flash video sites, don't try to use it with other Flash applications and games.

--== SUPPORT ==--
Just send us an email at with your problems or suggestions and we will assist you on fixing them.
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  • Mobile Features Audio & Video
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App Store Reviews
Evy20687, 4 stars:

Finally I can see flash videos with my device. He always gave me error and now I can see any site without problems

Xandren, 5 stars:

The player let you to watch flash powered sites with content. Useful thing.

dreadnok, 4 stars:

When it does work it works well, but there have been a few crashes that were annoying to begin with. Otherwise not bad

Robertappreview, 4 stars:

Has some minor flaws. It is a great concept though. The design with a few adjustments could work great.

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