AudioBox client for iOS. Your media collection is now truly portable! Stream from anywhere, it doesn't matter where your files are stored. Upload and stream from the cloud, directly from your desktop or from the most popular cloud services. Mix your favorite tracks in custom or smart playlists, even if they are stored on different cloud sources.

You need a functional AudioBox account and understanding for this to work. If you don't know how AudioBox works just drop a line at and we'll be happy to help.

* AirPlay enabled.
* Background streaming.
* Pause/resume during phone calls.
* Artwork and track informations in lock screen.
* Native now playing info center enabled.
* Remote controls.
* Pre-buffering.
* Gapless playback.
* Offline support.
* Lyrics integration.
* Artwork support.
* Grouped album / artists / genres collections.
* Share metadata information on social networks.

And the features offered by the AudioBox Platform, including:
- Now playing/scrobble to
- Now playing to Facebook
- Now playing to Twitch.TV
- Lyrics
- AudioBox Cloud streaming
- Stream from your own computer via AudioBox Desktop
- Dropbox streaming
- GDrive streaming
- OneDrive streaming
- SoundCloud streaming
- streaming
- YouTube streaming

For more informations check out the official website:
  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Frameworks AVFoundation Cocoa Touch
  • Backend Custom
  • Mobile Features Push Notifications Audio & Video Cloud Storage
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App Store Reviews
Obis11, 5 stars:

I love the concept for this app, but I don't really use these cloud services for music. Please add support for pogoplug and Ubuntu one cloud and this app would be perfect.

Dr.Sgt.Pepper, 5 stars:

Having problems streaming from my home computer to iPhone, songs start and play for about 7 sec. then skips to the next song. But if it starts working I think you've got a big hit!

SharmaNY, 5 stars:

Just wanted to be one of the first reviewers. Will update after using the app.

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