For years we have been constantly guessing, trying to remember, and asking others "When did we finish eating meat?", but now thats no longer necessary!

Never worry about the hassle of trying to calculate and memorize the times in your head again with Dairy Timer for iPhone, an essential App for every Jew.

Dairy Timer will keep track of EXACTLY when you finished eating meat, and will send a notification to your device when the timer is done, alerting you when you can finally eat Dairy!

To use, it is as simple as pressing START and closing the App without ever having to do anything else. If you want to, you can periodically come back to check how much time you have remaining.

Dairy Timer includes built in Halachic durations for several options including Sephardic and Ashkenaz, but if you are unsure of how long you wait or would like to enter your own duration, just choose Other and enter exactly how long you wait.

Dairy Timer also contains a great and easily accessible reference guide to various Laws of Kashrut which can be shared, copied or printed.

Another great feature of Dairy Timer is that even if you forgot to start your timer immediately after you finished eating, you can always go back and manually enter a start date!

After using Dairy Timer for a few days you'll be asking yourself "How did I ever live without this!?".
  • Mobile Features Push Notifications Graphics & Animation Accelerometer Backend
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App Store Reviews
MOMISC, 5 stars:

Very useful app

Dave had, 5 stars:

Wow! Never forget when your flieshigs and you become Milchigs ever again! A must buy for every frum Jew. I love this app and use it all the time

Charles Mamiye, 5 stars:

When I first saw this app I was hesitant to spend the dollar. after purchasing it, I was astonished by its great help. All my question on kashrut were answered. All in all, this app is definitely worth the buy.

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