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JoPlan helps you plan your journey before you start from home.

How often have you felt : "If only I could plan my trip on map from point A to B to C to D" so that you don't have to search for directions after every leg while you are driving ?

Isn't it annoying that when you are taking directions from your navigation app, you can not search for a coffee shop on the way. Because the moment you try to search anything on your map, direction results are gone!

JoPlan addresses these two issues in a user-friendly way. It allows you to prepare your itinerary in advance of the trip (lets say, when you are in a good wifi zone at home). Add upto 6 waypoints between the starting point and the destination, and rearrange your waypoints in the order you want to visit. Press Route button and you are presented with beautiful directions on map.

Features :
- Easy steps to prepare your itinerary :
# Search for a place or drop a pin on map
# Tap green '+' button to add to your itinerary
# Rearrange places in the order you want to visit
# Press 'Route' button and there you go!

- Quick access to your places search history on the home screen. One tap on the place adds it to your present itinerary.
- Shows driving distance between consecutive waypoints
- Search for a new place on the map, in the middle of a trip without hiding the directions overlay.
- Search results appear as green markers. Once you have had your coffee at your favourite coffee shop, shake the phone to remove these green markers and focus back to your existing route.
- Manually add a waypoint on the map : press and hold at a location to drop a pin
- Use Location Info View to change the name/description of a waypoint
- Select between 3 different transit types : Driving/ Walking/ Bicycling
  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Frameworks MapKit
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App Store Reviews
Newbie Reviewer, 5 stars:

This is an app I felt compelled to rate. On my iPod it took me to where I needed to go on the road with no wifi. I do not know how it did it.

muffinizer1, 5 stars:

So far its been awesome, worked one out of one times. Its good to see a redditor on the app store, and its a great idea that solves a common problem, I hope this really takes off, can't wait till i am back in the states so I can use it more.

Apoorv20, 5 stars:

Exactly what I was looking for. Now I don't need to re-route for multiple destinations :)

SkateGo, 5 stars:

It solved my travel problem, esp when I am going to multiple places in the city

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  • Kshitij Deo
    Kshitij Deo
    Developer , Designer , Graphics Designer