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Get to know your Texas history with this easy-to-use app. This premium version of the Texas Historical Landmarks app gives you access to detailed historical information from over 14,000 state monuments and attractions.

Tour Texas' rich history with our simple-to-use guide to the state's famous attractions. Take an educational journey through Texas and visit some of the state's most treasured monuments and sites with ease. Whether you are a tourist or a lifelong Texan, this app will inform you and keep you entertained as you travel or sit in the comfort of your own home while learning about Texas' rich history.


• Beautiful iOS 8 optimized graphics - designed for an engaging user experience.

• Get a whole new perspective on Texas landmarks by using the “Map” feature. It zooms out far enough for you to see the whole state and drops pins on all 14,000+ landmarks.

• When you visit one of these landmarks, you can “check in” there and start a running list of all the places you’ve been to. You’ll also get “points” with each check-in. Do you love traveling? See how many points you can rack up!

• Make your own photo album by adding your own pictures of each landmark (locally stored; not shared with others).

• Create a detailed list of your favorite markers for places you’ve been or Texas sites you would like to visit.

• Toggle your settings to receive notifications whenever you’re near a landmark.

• Quickly and easily share your favorite historic sites with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.
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App Store Reviews
Rgtenet, 5 stars:

I dont think ive read a single landmark sign until now. I see them all the time when driving but it never makes any sense to turn around and stop. I was surprised to see the shear amount we had in Texas. Really cool idea and very enjoyable app.

Nicoleryan1, 5 stars:

Haven't had a chance to use it on a road trip (for what it seems best suited), but it's really fascinating to see all the history that is right here in my neighborhood. Very cool app!

CB1911, 5 stars:

Driving around Texas I have always wondered why certain historical markers were placed where they were and the significance behind them. This app not only helps me answer that question, but guides me to the next one so I can teach my kids more about the rich history of our great state. Better than a book!

Rtamper, 5 stars:

Really enjoy this app. Initially I got it for short weekend trips with my wife and son, but I sometimes even find myself just reading about some historical markers that i hadn't heard of before while sitting at home or in my down time. Also while traveling, the feature that alerts you when you're getting near a marker is neat. Overall, if you like texas history, this is worth a download.

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