Instantly share mobile photos within custom groups of friends.

Have tons of photos on your camera roll that you have not shared because the social sharing platforms of today are too public for personal photos? Then Yarly is the solution for you. Yarly makes sharing privately even easier than sharing on social media while maintaining the intimacy of sharing within custom groups of friends.

With Yarly, easily share photos from your camera roll to custom groups of friends. These custom groups can collaborate on the album with you as well as have intimate conversations about the photos without the world seeing.

Yarly is making photo sharing intimate again, allowing you to share specific photos with specific people. Enhance and strengthen your relationships with friends by giving the gift of sharing in a purposeful and thoughtful manner.

The founding team behind Yarly is traveling the United States, meeting our users and teaching them about our product. To have Yarly come to you, please sign up in the Events section of our website.

- Easily create albums from camera roll photos and share with curated groups of friends
- Sync Yarly albums to the storage platform of your choice: DropBox, Google Drive, SkyDrive or Flickr
- Share with any friends, no matter their device. Yarly is on iOS, Android and Windows
- Unlimited uploads
- Full iPhone front & back camera support
- Interact with curated groups of friends through giving and receiving comments
- Any Yarly photo can be instantly texted, emailed, tweeted, saved to phone or posted to Facebook
- And much much more…
  • Developer Environments Xamarin
  • Frameworks MVVMCross
  • Backend Azure
  • Analytics SDK Google Analytics Flurry
  • Mobile Features Camera Cloud Storage
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Version: 2  (Mar, 2014 - Apr, 2014)   Show More
Version: 1  (Sep, 2013 - Feb, 2014)   Show More
App Store Reviews
Smith8519, 5 stars:

So easy to share photos with the people you care about. I had stopped sharing photos because it was so hard to do it in a personal way. Finally, found the perfect solution to my problem!

Matthew Thees, 4 stars:

Yarly solves the problem of snapchat being momentary and Facebook and Instagram being too public.

Jgd83, 5 stars:

Thank you. Changing my life. Was annoyed w photo storing on my phone. Not anymore!

raycornellwang, 5 stars:

great little app for photo organization

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