Hatcher is an epic online strategy game. Build your army of fantastic creatures, and compete to become the most powerful player in this free-to-play indie MMO!

Carefully manage your resources and engage in strategic combat to grow your city and expand your territory on the World Map.

Upgrade and enhance your forces with the genetics-inspried process of Fusion to climb the rankings.

5/5 "We need more unique, multiplayer games like Hatcher on iPad and iPhone" -The iPhone App Review

+ Free to play, and carefully balanced to be enjoyed by all
+ Stunning original artwork
+ Build a unique army with highly customizable creatures
+ Peacefully explore or engage other players in PvP combat
+ Engaging and intriguing creature improvement process
+ Highly strategic asynchronous combat perfect for serious gamers and casual tappers alike
+ No ads, ever!

Note: A network connection is required

Brockenhaus Studio is a 2-person game company. Together Rob and Sam have been creating iOS games since 2013.

Questions? Comments? Please contact us at

Contact Rob Visentin, developer:

Contact Samantha Broccoli, artist/designer:

Game music provided by:
Matthew Pablo (
Zefz of
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App Store Reviews
TT553, 5 stars:

When's the next update??

Ki_Lee, 4 stars:

The game is very fun, but the new round 2 is taking weeks! It's been 1 week since we won!!! The game is addictive and very entertaining but please fix this for us. We are getting tired of waiting! Thank you for the great game.

newz-hound, 4 stars:

Fun game, kind of like a multi-level treasure hunt. A little in flux yet, but each release gets better.

40+ weeks of play, 5 stars:

Game just keeps getting better, great update!

Official Team Members: