We are on a mission to help you brew great coffee every time. Use KoHi and your favorite specialty coffee beans to take your brewing process to the next level.

KoHi is a coffee brewing timer, calculator, and recipe manager with a clean and clever interface. No more guessing at the ideal amount of coffee and water to use to achieve the perfect brew—KoHi does the math for you. We currently support Chemex, Hario V60, Press Pot, Clever, Kalita, AeroPress, Bonmac, Woodneck, and Gino brewing methods. It is the prefect companion for your favorite manual brewing method.

KoHi’s advanced brew calculators and timers help you brew with laboratory precision for consistent extraction every time. Tell KoHi how much coffee you would like to brew, and it calculates the exact amount of beans and water to use for the perfect cup of coffee. KoHi also paces you through the pre-infusion and infusion phases of brewing for a more accurate and consistent brew.

KoHi's recipe manager lets you create and store your own recipes too. Share your favorites with friends on Twitter, Facebook and email (iOS 6.0 or greater required for Twitter and Facebook).

Experiment, taste, share and enjoy coffee creations with KoHi.

*Note: You will need a gram scale to use with the KoHi app.
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App Store Reviews
AverysMommy313, 5 stars:

I use the app every day. Whether its with my chemex or French press. It's perfect.

Robbie Melton, 4 stars:

Love the app but I tried to delete a recipe and the app crashed... Now every time I try to open it the app crashes. That's the only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars.

drozeboom_S.C., 5 stars:

If you are serious about a great coffee brewing and drinking experience... then KoHi is your new best friend. I highly recommend this app - smooth, smart and satisfying.

Josiah McLain, 4 stars:

I love the detail it goes into with each specification, and the walk through process of the brew. It would be 5 stars if you add more brew styles (like Kalita Wave) and how many intervals you pour in (or a constant pour as compared to a pulsed). very useful for a brew geek.

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    Peter Thomsen
    Designer , Icon Designer , Graphics Designer , PR & Marketing , Other
  • Matthew Carlson
    Matthew Carlson
    Developer , Designer , Project Manager