Homeworker is the new Show-Your-Work calculator that not only solves math problems, but shows you how do them as well!!

Homeworker requires NO, that is absolutely NO internet connection, so you can save your data while you learn!

Right now Homeworker can perform

Addition (with and without decimals)
Subtraction (with and without decimals)
Multiplication (with and without decimals)
Division (with and without decimals, as well as a option to divide out to a remainder)

In the future I plan to update with fractions, order of operations, algebra, and much more (just give me time, I'm working I promise!).

Each update will be free, no need to worry about any subscriptions here!

Keep on the lookout for the iPad Version!!

Questions? Comments? Requests? Feel free to contact me at

Follow on twitter: @Homeworker_app

Be sure to Review!!

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing what the future has in store for Homeworker!
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App Store Reviews
B_Luther_24, 5 stars:

This homeworker app is simple and great. Makes working math 10 times easier! Great Job creating this app!!

j_delaney, 5 stars:

Great resource for learning and then honing math skills, well done Mr. Kruk

Brooke2311, 5 stars:

I wish I would have had this app in all my math classes.... But being in the medical field it is a big help when figuring up dosages and everything else! Highly recommend that everyone checks this out.

mellowballer44, 5 stars:

Performs as advertised. Works for homework and any other daily math needs.

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  • Lucas Kruk
    Lucas Kruk
    Developer , Designer , Icon Designer , Graphics Designer , Project Manager