Learn your multiplication tables with meaning. xTables is based on trials in Australian and New Zealand classrooms and draws upon the latest neurological research.
Learning is most effective when the task is related to prior experience, is interesting to the learner, and evokes a strong positive emotional experience. By relating new information to brain cell circuits that already exist long lasting relational memories are built.
xTables creates a game environment that is interesting and compelling to the learner. Completion of the table requires the learner to develop higher order stategies in order to solve the puzzle. Both multiplication and division are used. Through this experience the learner actively knows and uses the connection between multiplication and division.

Each time a number is entered it is assessed and feedback is provided to the learner in a subtle way using color. This gives the learner opportunity to make corrections and to go on and complete the table.
The problems posed are carefully graded so that any learner can start at a level that they are comfortable with, one where they can experience success.
By practicing xTables 10 minutes a day for ten weeks the multiplication tables will be mastered with relational understanding.
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