Manipulate your expenses and income in a simple, fun and fast way. Maximizes saving your money with Bank´s excellent interface that allows you to navigate easily between accounts, which will provide real time information of all your financial transactions with a single tap. Also part of a natural stay, simple and intuitive with it´s minimalist user interface.

Bank also synchronizes all your information with Wall Street platform, which increases your experience of financial control and even gives you prediction of costs and concepts you may want to expend in the moment, plus it has it´s internal financial network that helps assess and qualify better your chances of potential costs.


-The fastest way to track your expenses or incomes.

-Create "Accounts" with the ability to edit and manipulate.

-Access your "Expenses" and arrange them with one touch.

-Use Smart Accounts to predict the amount and concept which you may use in a specific location.

-Share the app with friends and get computer and social advices for your situation.

-Sync your information with Wall Street.

-Share information about your purchases, and then evaluates the price, quality or availability on Wall Street.
  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Frameworks Core Animation Core Location Cocoa Touch OpenGL
  • Backend Parse
  • Mobile Features Location
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App Store Reviews
martinezgracia13, 5 stars:

Great app!

Brooklyn Ross, 5 stars:

The app allows you to save my money :) Thanks to developers!

Hanna Torres, 5 stars:

thank you very much for this great app

reananaitek, 5 stars:

very useful app! thanks to the developers.

Official Team Members:

  • Sergio Prado
    Sergio Prado
    Developer , Designer , Project Manager