✭ Experience and enjoy Instagram photos on your iPad with multi-touch ✭

- Pinch and zoom to switch from viewing multiple pictures to just one picture
- Double-tap on a photo to show users some love – leave comments or like photos, just like how you would on Instagram.
- Easily swipe between comments and likes

- Leave comments and like photos
- Search hashtags
- Toggle between popular photos and your own feed

- You cannot upload photos on this app. Instagram does not allow this and Carogram acts as an Instagram viewer only.
- An Instagram account is needed to use this app
- Instagram's API only allows us to pull 200 photos at a time, so you will not be able to access all of your feed

- Ability to view photos of users' feed
- Write comments on photos (If Instagram allows us API access)
- Browse with multiple Instagram accounts

- Let us know what you think on Twitter @getcarogram
- Email us at if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments

For more details on Carogram, visit
Screenshots for Carogram - Instagram for the iPad Screenshots for Carogram - Instagram for the iPad Screenshots for Carogram - Instagram for the iPad Screenshots for Carogram - Instagram for the iPad Screenshots for Carogram - Instagram for the iPad
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App Store Reviews
MarkitoMagic, 5 stars:

I love the carousel view and grid view on a large screen. This makes seeing all the interesting photos from my feed easily accessible. The UI is ultra-smooth and the team seems to have a good idea on what users need. Don't be deterred by the .99 cents price tag, it's well worth it for such a high quality app. Looking forward to new features that will come down the pipeline.

Addicted-Mom, 5 stars:

I'm an Instagram junkie, and this feeds right into my addiction. I love being able to relax and enjoy flipping through my Instagram feed. Carogram finally allows me to do that on my iPad! Photos are stunning and viewed in a simple way that puts focus on enjoying the photo... The way it should be!

yaypwnies, 5 stars:

It's about time somebody made a worthwhile Instagram app! Love the carousel view, and the swiping between comments and likes feels really natural. You can't take or share photos from the app directly (why would you want to on an iPad, anyway?), but all the other standard searching/browsing/liking functionality is there. The design even compliments the standard Instagram filters perfectly. Definitely going to be using this one on my iPad exclusively from now on.

kingkube, 5 stars:

Since it's inception Instagram has virtually ignored the iPad. Maybe they didn't have the development talent. Maybe they were too busy preparing to be purchased by Facebook. Or maybe they didn't have the vision that Xhatch does! Carogram is the Instagram browsing experience that Instagram SHOULD have always employed but never did! Gorgeous graphics, simple to use and super intuitive, this app is worth 5 times the price. Zoom in and browse IG with a carousel like interface, you can even favorite IG pics while you browse! Download Carogram and I promise you'll be more of a fan of Instagram than ever!

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