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• i.Map - Simple, Intuitive, vector Google Maps + StreetView.
• Support for retina and non-retina devices, using SDK v1.9
• Search for an address, click on the street, and see 360 degree views.
• Search for an optional destination and see a route with directions.

Note: Map & Streetview coverage is identical to the Google Maps application.

Also Available "i.Map Lite" (might not contain all the features of Pro)
Screenshots for iMap Pro for Google Maps™ & Street View™ Screenshots for iMap Pro for Google Maps™ & Street View™ Screenshots for iMap Pro for Google Maps™ & Street View™ Screenshots for iMap Pro for Google Maps™ & Street View™ Screenshots for iMap Pro for Google Maps™ & Street View™
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App Store Reviews
HusseinR, 4 stars:

A very nice app. Just I do not see much details in the map as the Google Map. Please update the maps if necessary. Thanks a lot.

Thorough Review, 5 stars:

UPDATE: Now I don't know if the developer and I were on the same page at the same time, but many of the suggestions below were implemented within two days of posting my original review! Now that's fast response. Wish I could squeak out a 5 1/2 star review. Thanks! I like this app. It's simple to use, and relatively straightforward. There are a couple of things that aren't obvious though: 1. To see the hybrid view (HY) you have to tap the satellite (SA) button twice. To see the traffic overlay (TR), you have to tap the road (RO) button twice. 2. To tilt the map you can either press the "double delta" button, or use two fingers (or I like to use two thumbs) to slide up and down. That's part of the Google SDK, and it's a feature that will work in any Google map app these days. You can even rotate the tilted view by taking two fingers (or two thumbs) and twisting them around a center point. 3. To activate the StreetView, you have to touch and hold on a position on the map to drop a orange pin. If StreetView is available, it pops up instantly. If it's not available, the pin drops (with no information associated) but the map doesn't switch. Of course, zooming in as close as possible helps you in the accuracy of placing the pin, but the app seems to be pretty forgiving in grabbing a close by StreetView if you miss hitting right on the street. Since I can't find a way to reach the developer directly, I'll put my comments for a future update here: 1. Under your help (?) Button, could you please add the screenshots that you have posted in the app store when you purchase your app? They're very clear and explain all the buttons and functions. They should pop up as scrollable pages one, two, and three in your help section. A scrollable page four could include all your copyright information you have there now, as well as a "feedback" and "rate" link. 2. When you press the "GPS" button, the app brings you back to your current location. That's great, but there's always a transparent blue circle around your location. I would suggest if you press the "GPS" button a second time, the transparent circle would disappear so you can zoom in on things close to you, particularly in the satellite/hybrid view without them being obstructed by the circle. Could you please add the traffic overlay to the satellite/hybrid button so it's a three way toggle. The Google maps SDK allows you to see the traffic overlay in the satellite/hybrid view, it just needs to be added to your app. And finally, for the StreetView, please consider allowing pinch zooming (in addition to your zoom buttons) and a small round map window that shows which way your view is pointing (check out the apps "Streets" and "iMaps+" for examples of this). Also, adding a camera icon to snap a picture of the view, and, for the gyroscope enabled iDevices like the iPhone 4s, 5, etc., adding gyroscope linking (see the app "WGL Camera" for example) would be awesome. One more "nice to have" feature would be a "Coverage" overlay which shows the streets on the map for which a StreetView exists (again, see the apps "Streets" and "iMaps+ for examples of this). All in all this is a very good app, and the developer keeps improving it, so it's worth grabbing now.

Fsucre, 5 stars:

The best street view app ever even better than google maps this app is very easy to get to the street view just tap the map and thats it you get the street view I fully recommend this app please continue the good work!!!!!

closelipped, 5 stars:

Before Google launched the iPad version map, try this one and you won't regret!

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