Vivid Effection is an innovative tool for photo and video creation and processing. It is based on the concept of WYSIWIG, „What You See Is What You Get“. That is, regardless of whether you are recording a movie, taking a photo or processing a video or photo, Vivid Effection will show you the final result of your creative afford at any time.

Vivid Effection includes a wide variety of different base effects you can choose from. Just to mention some: sketch, cartoon, painting, sepia, glass relief, floral drawing...
This sounds a bit static, but it isn't! You can change the appearance of an effect in many ways. Or choose a painting / drawing effect and use your fingers as your creative tools.
Moreover, Vivid Effection has plenty of parameters to adjust for ambient light or specific environments. It is very easy to use, since every change will be applied in realtime. 

Want to adjust, draw or change the effect while recording or playing a video? No problem, since Vivid Effection records simply what you see and this is what you get. So feel free to adjust or draw whenever you want.

Vivid Effection was designed with the focus of intuitive handling without sacrificing the functional range. Thus get it now and start immediately exploring the amazing possibilities!

Follow the live camera input while adjusting your effect. If you are ready, take a photo or start recording. Or load a photo or video from the camera roll and and let your imagination flow.

When you are done, save your artwork to the camera roll or share it directly with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Weibo.

The Effects:

Cartoon – Generates an output in the style of a cartoon.

Sketch – Creates a pencil sketch equivalent of the input.

Colored Sketch – An output in the style of a color pencil sketch is generated.

Neon – Generates an output where the feature-lines look like neon tubes.

Floral Drawing – Animated growing effect of stylized flower. The flower grows along a path drawn by touch. Many different flower styles are selectable.

Sepia Toning – Simulates the process of sepia toning.

Cross Processing – Instagram like color manipulation.

Monochrome – Converts the input to a monochrome output.

Painting – Simulates painting with a brush of variable shape. Besides automatic drawing, the user has the option for custom drawing by touch.

Original – Lets you adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and gamma of the input for all other effects.

Blown – Generates a stylish output by replacing uniform regions with pattern in the median color of the region.

Night Vision – The view through a night vision sight is simulated.

Kaleidoscope – Input as seen through a kaleidoscope.

Interference – Animated simulation of typical interference patterns of a classical television.

Glass Pane – Simulates the view through a glass pane with relief.

Water Ripple – Simulates the view through an animated surface of a fluid.

Glass Painting – Draw a colored relief on a glass pane.

Opal Glass Painting – Colorized drawing of a opal glass pane.

Exposure – Animated simulation of long time exposure.

Icing Glass – Simulates the growing of a frosting pattern on a glass pane in a physical correct manner.

You may also visit our website for a short preview of each effect.

Get Vivid Effection now and start exploring the countless possibilities!
Screenshots for Vivid Effection Free - The creative Cam for Photo and Video Screenshots for Vivid Effection Free - The creative Cam for Photo and Video Screenshots for Vivid Effection Free - The creative Cam for Photo and Video Screenshots for Vivid Effection Free - The creative Cam for Photo and Video Screenshots for Vivid Effection Free - The creative Cam for Photo and Video
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