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Search local, shop local, anywhere.

It's the shopping app that delivers offers and events directly to you while you’re actually ready to purchase. Find the offers and events that are local to you, right now.


INTERACTIVE MAPS – pinpoint your location outside and inside malls, plus see the nearest bathrooms, ATMS, elevators, escalators, and even where you're parked.

DIRECTORY – see every merchant in the mall and get one-touch access to everything about them, like their store hours, phone number, website, newsletter, and more.

OFFERS – receive the very latest offers, deals, and scannable coupons.

EVENTS – get notified about all the events happening around you based on what you like and where you’re shopping – ShopSuey adds events right to your calendar.

DIRECTIONS – find directions to the stores, restaurants, and malls you want to visit from wherever you are.

SEARCH – Quickly find the store, merchant or marketplace you want.

SHOPPING LIST – instantly create a shopping list and add to it with the touch of button.

CUSTOMIZE – “like” stores, merchants, and malls, follow them on Twitter, check-in and create the kind of shopping experience you want.

Hundreds of new stores, restaurants, malls, offers, and events are being added daily – if you don't see your favorites let us know and we'll add them.
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App Store Reviews
Themaryberry, 5 stars:

I love the features of this app! Shopping deals and mall maps! So helpful :)

GeorgeNCopy, 5 stars:

As indispensable to shopping as the shopping bag, this app not only helps you find the stuff you're looking for, it helps you find ATM machine, restrooms, and even your car when you're done. It's the only shopping you need.

Vdogcoolz, 5 stars:


E-Rocko, 5 stars:

The directories and maps are very handy. I also like the customization to gear it towards the shops that I frequent. Excited for when this really catches on.

Official Team Members:

  • Adam Schuster
    Adam Schuster
    Developer , Project Manager