Missives allows you to send quick and flexible mail and messages with support for external apps.


- Set up as many "canned" emails or messages as you need and reorder them as required. Simply tap on one to send it.
- A missive can be sent using the in-app/system composer or using an external app. The icon next to the missive tells you the delivery mechanism it will use.
- Missives can have a subject, a body, and any number of associated contacts. The fields are optional—if you leave one blank, you can fill it in when you send it.


- TextExpander touch support.
- Special logic to assure your missives don't lose their contact information.
- Extensive in-app help.
- Full support for the iPhone 5.
- Complete support for x-callback-url to allow Missives to be integrated with your favorite apps as part of a URL workflow.


- Mail missives can be configured to send mail through Sparrow or Gmail out of the box, or, you can set up a custom URL.
- Message missives can be configured to send messages (SMS) through GV Connect or ThinkMessenger out of the box, or you can set up a custom URL.
- Both mail and message missives can set the external app as the default for new missives.

Missives is in active development and more features are yet to come. Please let us know through our Web site or through the in-app options if there's anything you need (we cannot respond to user requests left in App Store comments).
  • Developer Environments AppCode Xcode
  • Frameworks Cocoa Touch
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