Want to see yourself in 3D? Spinimation is an amazing new app that allows you to create, view, and share 360 spins of any person, product, car, or home in real 3D. Exactly the way you or your object was intended to be seen by the world! Spinimation turns photos or videos into fun and exciting new spins
using cool 3D photo technology.

You’ll love the “spin” we put on traditional images and videos. Have fun discovering your own ways to enjoy our HTML viewer. You can even create flip book animations with a series of still photos. The tools we have can be used anyway you like. You decide and share your images with the world in a more exciting way. Embed your spins on any HTML website. Email them, text them, social share them. The fun possibilities are endless.

Ever sold products online and your customers wished they could see it from all angles and get a good view of what it really looks like? We can help! We will increase sales conversions while minimizing potential problems and returns.

You can get really creative and even spin your friends, cars, homes, or just simply capture photos of where you are and show it off in a cool 360 view. No more flipping through dozens of pictures. You can showcase yourself, vacation spots, birthdays, kids events, even capture a sporting event with multiple photos in one easy spin view.

Just pick your preset capture mode, or choose freestyle to have fun. Capture as few images as you want or up to 48 to see the spin in action. You can move the object yourself, have the person turn, or you move with the camera. Doesn’t matter. You can even create and capture professional, smooth, and beautiful display spins by using a motorized turntable or lazy susan. You can even use a lightbox or white background to show off the product even better.

Spinimation is the first to create 3D animations from photos or videos all in the same app. You can share your cool spin with friends, family and even customers through more than 300 different ways and networks. Facebook, Twitter, Spinimation, email, Ebay, your website, or even text. Now that’s fun!!

Spinimate it! You’ll begin to see your photos come to life in full circle. There’s no better app to allow the everyday casual picture taker or even the professional photographer to put a new spin on normal. You can use our app to replace all your camera apps.

Here is a list of the greatest features Spinimation offers:

- Beautiful User Interface
- 360 animation of you or your friends
- 360 animation of any product, place, car, or home
- Social sharing of your spins to over 300 different networks
- Upload your spins to your own library at
- Embed your spins to any HTML website including Ebay
- 3D spins created from photo capture or video capture
- Create custom spins using your own camera and uploading the images to our super cool online spinimation app (Business & Pro Version)

Go ahead and Spin your World. You’ll never want to share photos any other way. We make taking pictures or videos exciting, unique, and more fun. Creating spins will increase social interactions on your facebook or website. And if you’re a business, it will increase your sales too.
  • Frameworks Core Bluetooth OpenGL WebGL Cocoa Touch Quartz 2D MapKit AVFoundation Accelerate Core Location WebKit Core Animation Core Motion
  • Backend Google App Engine
  • Analytics SDK Flurry
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