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“The [Knoala] iPhone app offers a giant repository of fun, quick activities to boost critical skills in developing minds.“-Time

Knoala offers thousands of fun, expert approved, development-boosting activities for infants to preschoolers. Bond over games and crafts that foster motor, cognitive, sensory, social, emotional, and self care skills from birth to 6.

Find activities tailored to your child's unique developmental needs by answering simple questions in our development assessment. Our proven activity recommendation system is designed and approved by pediatric therapists around the world.

* DAILY ACTIVITIES - Thousands of expert approved activities for parents to enjoy with infants to preschoolers.

* DEVELOPMENT ASSESSMENT - Learn about your child's unique development and find activities tailored specifically to his or her needs.

* COMMUNITY - Connect with parents around the world for advice and support on everything from pregnancy to parenthood.

We're always looking for ways to improve! Send us your feedback or suggestions to or anytime.
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App Store Reviews
Butterflies, 5 stars:

I'm exploring it and I really like this app.

Swizzinthemizz, 5 stars:

App gives you great suggestions on what activities are best for your child's development. Really helpful.

Shankair N., 5 stars:

My wife and I just downloaded this app and we love it! We had our first child in March and as new parents we needed this app. It's the total package. It helps us keep track of how the little guy is doing and gives us lots of great activities. What kinds of activities do you do with a six month old? I had no idea until Knoala.

Mama Webba, 5 stars:

Knoala is great! I used the old version before the update for my three kids (1 yo, 4 yo, 7 yo) and we all loved it. One of the best parts was the filters that we could use to determine indoor v outdoor etc. But we just downloaded the new version and it's even better! We think it's so great to be able to check our kids growth and to be able to get customized activity recos from the app.

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