"One of the best replacement apps for music and podcasts
by 健次 - Version 3.0.5 - Jun 21, 2014

I use Harken for iPhone pretty much everyday, especially to listen to podcasts while driving. It's easy to use, looks good, uses gestures that are natural, and the programmer responds positively to feedback. (For my part, I try to keep that feedback useful. :-) About the only thing I could ask for at this point is a universal app; I have it installed on my iPad anyway."

A beautiful yet simple music player for your iPhone or iPod that uses gestures* to control music and podcast playback. You can also easily share your favourite music on Facebook, Twitter, and Weibo.

Get super fast access to your music with the minimum number of taps needed to listen to a whole album.

Find music by album, artist, compilations, genre, and playlists.

Also provides quick access to your podcasts.

Harken For iPhone is perfect for use in the car or when your iPhone is sitting in a dock and connected to your home stereo:
- playback controls are so easy to use* you don't need to look at the phone to play, pause, or skip tracks
- larger than standard text is easy to read when the phone is mounted in a cradle on your wind shield or dash board
- the screen does not turn off automatically**, so you don't have to unlock the phone to control playback
- you can even turn your phone upside-down to use it in the car if your car cradle blocks the headphone jack

Podcast support!
- simply sync podcasts to your iPhone or iPod with iTunes
- see how much of an episode is remaining in the list of podcasts
- you can even queue up multiple podcast episodes by creating an on-the-go playlist

- swipe up on the album art to choose music or podcasts
- swipe up on the album art with two fingers to see all tracks in the album that the current song belongs to
- swipe left or right to skip tracks
- tap the album art to play or pause
- in library mode, tap on an album cover to start playing that album immediately
- tap on the Create button in the library to create an on-the-go playlist***

***On-the-go playlists are not stored. Use iTunes if you want to create permanent playlists.

If you have any feature requests or feedback, I can be reached on Twitter: @HarkenForiPhone.

And if you like Harken, please take the time to leave a nice review: it really helps.
  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Frameworks AVFoundation Cocoa Touch
  • Mobile Features Audio & Video
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