***Due to the DRM protection in iTunes Music tracks, it is not possible to use iTunes Music within Splyce***

Splyce aims to help you experience the magic of an actual DJ, or at least get the closer an app can get you to feel the power of music at its best. Mixing has never been so easy!

Even if you are not keen on DJing, Splyce will allow you to mix your music with no effort. Just select the music you want to play, order it with some help of the app and click play. From that moment on, Splyce will take control and its powerful music engine will adjust the tempo of the songs to mix them like an actual DJ.

Splyce will change your music experience:
◆ As your everyday music player: enjoy your favorite music in a better way
◆ Partying: take your parties to the next level with Splyce!
◆ Sports training: follow the rhythm of the music while training hard

When the next song is within a 5% BPM range with the song that is being played, you will experience the magic of mixing. Splyce will adjust the tempo of the second song and they will mix together for the time you set.

+ Mix Time:
+ Song Length:
+ Mix Mode:
+ Order:
+ Color: 10 different colors available!

Splycelists will allow you to save your enriched playlists with all your mixing settings: mix mode, mix time and length

User finger gestures to easily arrange your playlists:
+ Swipe left to delete
+ Swipe right to reorder a song automatically by BPMs
+ Drag and drop to reorder manually

Connect Splyce to Philips(R) Hue lights, and experience how music and light effects can work together to make your experience even greater. Intensity and color will vary depending on the song BPM’s, synchronizing music & lights automagically with Splyce.

√ All music Player features
√ Automatic mixing
√ Pulselocker streaming service integration
√ BPM calculation of tracks
√ Automatic order & music search by BPM
√ Profiles based on BPM
√ 3 mixing modes
√ 5 transition modes between songs
√ Default track duration
√ Flash torch
√ Airplay integration
√ Purchase music on iTunes


√ Song artwork in lock screen
√ 3 new color themes
√ Philips(R) Hue lights support (bulbs sold separately)

√ Audio FX (echo, flanger, phaser and filter)
√ 4 new transitions between songs
√ BPM ordering of your music library

√ Splycelists
√ Smart length engine

√ Live the Splyce experience to the max and save some money with the full pack!


√ iTunes Match tip:
If you want to play a song stored in iCloud, please make sure you download it first by clicking the iCloud download button placed next to the track in the Music app. You can also download entire playlists.

√ DRM Protected songs tip
Splyce supports nearly all audio files: MP3, M4A, AAC, WAV, AIF, etc. including all songs available on the iTunes Store. But if you have purchased from the iTunes Store before 2009, you may notice that those songs are protected with DRM technology and cannot be played with Splyce. If you have any of these old files, you can upgrade them to DRM free (iTunes Plus) via iTunes.



◆ When selecting songs, you can select all tracks by dragging down the screen to access the “I want it all” button
◆ Click on the Splyce button on the main screen to access all features
◆ While playing your music, swipe left to delete a song or swipe right to auto-order that track.
◆ Shake to shuffle your playlist (enable this option on settings)
◆ Follow us on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook to get useful tips about Splyce!


Missing a feature? We're already preparing a new version, let us know at

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Screenshots for Splyce - fancy music player with automix. Pulselocker Edition! Screenshots for Splyce - fancy music player with automix. Pulselocker Edition! Screenshots for Splyce - fancy music player with automix. Pulselocker Edition! Screenshots for Splyce - fancy music player with automix. Pulselocker Edition! Screenshots for Splyce - fancy music player with automix. Pulselocker Edition!
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App Store Reviews
Goonerkanye, 5 stars:

Love this app! Its mint .. Defo my favorite music app.. I would like to see an addition of an equaliser :-) please

Jayyysen, 4 stars:

The app is Awsome I love it and use it all the time but the app changes the voice of the singer.. It either makes the voice really high like a chipmunk or really low like darth vader... PLEASE fix this, I love the app though!!

Boss_scoop, 4 stars:

Love this app

Seby276, 4 stars:

Splyce is a great app and is very fun and easy to use, but I had a few suggestions in mind to make it better: 1. Could you make the next songs play so that they are synchronized not only by tempo, but by 4- or 8-bar patterns? For example: The song that is playing has a beat of 1..2..3..4.. and while that song is on beat 3.. the next song will start at beat 1.. , which means that the tempo is in sync, but the beat patterns aren't, and since I play a lot of EDM, it is very important for me that the beat patterns are synced as well. 2. Could you also allow the mix time to be modified in regard to volume? Or could you make the volume decay/rise a little more linear so it doesn't sound like the first song ends too quickly while the next song starts too quickly? Lastly, 3. The BPM detection tool is a great integration, but could you allow the user to reset or change the BPM that Splyce detects if, for some reason, the BPM that Splyce detects doesn't match with the song's actual BPM? If I can see these changes in the next upcoming updates, then I will leave a 5-star review and will definately recommend and announce this app at my next DJing events. Thanks!

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