Inspire and empower youth around the world to be a witness for Christ.

Share your experience using text, pictures of video. Find out who near you is sharing the Gospel, discover how they are effectively sharing the love of Christ. Translate from the other side of the world in real time and communicate with peers sharing the truth of Christ.

Join a dedicated group, giving you a snap shot of the influence your ministry is having. Immediately discover if your sermon influenced culture, discover who your inspiring without borders or language to separate the communication.
Favorite people from around the world and recieve push notifications when desired. Finally a chance to connect with world changing youth. One youth, many nations, all are witnesses.
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App Store Reviews
Blindrod, 5 stars:

Love this app! Love the idea! Love the community! It does crash when I try to follow friends though. Great app! Keep it coming! SOO GOOD! Yay God!

Apo Agopian, 5 stars:

I think this app has huge potential. The community is warm, kind, and very active. I can see the user base of this app growing exponentially!

Wallyrod1951, 5 stars:

This is the next best thing ... Great app

Archimedes97, 5 stars:

This is something new in our social media world this is something about our life this app helps the boldness of our youth and gives encouragement by our older, wiser mentors all in one package of a new social network

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