This is a companion app for CamBuff accessory for DSLR - used for controlling DSLR from iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad.

1. Press the Power button - the app looks for CamBuff accessory and connects to it if found.
2. Once connected, plug in the accessory in the USB port of your DSLR
3. You can control various settings of your camera from the app now.
4. Click the Power button twice to switch to advanced view - for additional tasks like setting up time lapse/ Timed Bulb picture/Exposure bracketing picture

Visit to know more about options to buy CamBuff device for your camera.
  • Frameworks Core Animation Core Bluetooth
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batohi, 5 stars:

The app has a sober, simple and useful interface. I am new to the world of iPhone apps yet I could well appreciate the design of the user interface. I am certain that it decidedly will make the experience of using your camera more effective.

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  • Kshitij Deo
    Kshitij Deo
    Developer , Designer , Graphics Designer