When your Instagram meets Excel, what will it be?
Transforming your daily expenses into visual arts!

Picaca-Track your daily expenses and upcoming purchases in a creative and visual way! Your super fun and easy personal finance application.

1. Simply snap a picture, log your expenses / create your wish list, and then share your life all at the same time.
2. Visualized everything: Know your spending from your gorgeous pictures, how easy!
3. “Wish List”: What clothes do you wanna buy for this summer? Simply add them to it.
4. 16 gorgeous filtered effects: Playing the tone and mood of your photos. Chic!
5. 14 custom designed tapes: Add extra notes to your pictures.
6. Instant sharing to Facebook and Instagram.
7. Sort out based on date / category: Get your items organized.
8. Unlimited uploads.
9. And much more…

Picaca-Tracking your daily expenses is much fun and easier like never before!

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App Store Reviews
iTuneShopper, 4 stars:

Love the look and the potential this app has. Not many apps out there with this level of presentation. Just wish I had the ability to create my own lists--besides the "wish list" already included. I would use it much more! Especially if I were able to have a grocery shopping checklist, guest list, notes and so on, it would be my favorite app! On top of that I could ditch a dozen of my other apps that I have to individually use to have all this.

Official Team Members:

  • k chen
    k chen
    Developer , Designer , Project Manager