Memento Pass allows you to keep all your passwords for your social accounts and services in one place.
Memento never forgets, unless you deliberately permanently erase an already deleted password from its memory.
If you "delete" a password service, it is moved to "deleted passwords", where it can be restored if you so desire. If you delete a "deleted" password, it is erased permanently.

Memento Pass can be set to ask you a password at startup, which is the only password you will need to remember in order to access all your other passwords. We strongly suggest you don't forget this password!

Memento Pass is a very strong password generator, which generates fiendishly unguessable passwords: instead of inputting your own passwords yourself, you can ask Memento Pass to generate your strong and secure passwords.
Did you ever need to reset a password to a previous version, or to its initial value? This is not an issue, if you use Memento Pass to track your passwords: Memento Pass stores all versions of a Password, complete with its creation date, allowing you to keep all history of a password as it changes.
  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Frameworks Cocoa Touch
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