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App Store Reviews
Dajohnson89-nick-taken, 4 stars:

Overall this app is excellent. It needs a better selection of books, and the highlighting functionality is buggy. But otherwise, good stuff! I use it every dat.

z mar, 5 stars:

Wonderful concept - the "netflix of ebooks. " Needs to grow the number of titles. Use it daily!

Meagan8691, 4 stars:

I like my oyster app. It doesn't have a whole lot of books that I usually read. In a way, that's a good thing because it has introduced me to new series, but i originally joined to read books that I knew of. I am sure, with time, they will get a lot more books that are popular. Otherwise, it's a good concept and a good app. My favorite part is that I can read books offline too.

Olivia boann, 5 stars:

Great books. I can always find a new one-or seven!

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