Join the newest social photo community and start taking Frontbacks together with your friends! Frontback photos are always full screen and let you capture multiple sides of the same story at once. Combine your front and back cameras, show more details in the second picture, make before/after shots, or make cool artistic posts. If you prefer, you can of course also take a single picture instead.

Enjoy browsing through posts all around the world showing personal moments, concerts, sports events, breaking news, or just lovely places. Use Frontback to explore what is happening around you or on the other side of the globe!

Create Frontbacks for yourself without creating an account! Only once you use any of the social features of Frontback will you be required to login.

Create your own groups among family, colleagues and friends and post Frontbacks in a more private setting. You can decide if you let others post along with you in the same group. Make a group for a night out with friends and let everyone share and keep the memories easily or create a group to share pictures of your new born with your close family. Of course everyone in the group can post comments for each Frontback, a great new way to share moments with friends & family!

Grow your community by following interesting people, making new friends and sharing where you are or what you do with them. Easily add all your friends from Facebook, Twitter and address book. You can of course also like or comment on posts!

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  • Developer Environments RubyMotion
  • Frameworks Cocoa Touch Quartz 2D AVFoundation Core Location Core Animation Core Motion
  • Backend Heroku
  • Analytics SDK Mixpanel
  • Mobile Features Push Notifications Camera Location Cloud Storage Graphics & Animation
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App Store Reviews
Gkjgyoffv, 5 stars:

Wow this is really cool. I love it.

phyous, 5 stars:

It's nice.

jperez3, 4 stars:

It's give a more personal feel to photo taking. You can feel the person in the photo and taking the photo. Very interesting take on social media with photography.

Pelican_Racing, 5 stars:

Frontback will be the new king of photo apps because of what I call "Selfie Expression". Not only can you share what you see, but how it affects you. Fredd says the "face is the caption", and that says a lot. I love Frontback!

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