-Healthy Fast Food Choices - 3 at Each Restaurant!
-Meal Plan Builder Based on Your Goals
-Exercise Routines for Fat Loss and Muscle Building
-List of Healthy Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Fats!
-Quick Calculator to Quickly Find Macro Totals
-BMI Calculator
-Tips on How to Meet Your Goals, Fitness, and More
-Share Your Meal Plan with Friends!

A dietitian, nutritionist, and personal trainer in your pocket! Grub Coach is a feature rich application designed to help guide you to live a healthier lifestyle! It's main features are a list of the three healthiest menu items at fast food restaurants. No sifting through nutritional information to make the right choice - the best choices are right at your fingertips! Grub Coach also uses researched and proven calculations to build a meal plan that is specific to your body type. No plan is the same!

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App Store Reviews
Magic Conch Shell, 5 stars:

This app was recommended by my trainer to make sure I am eating enough for my goals. I used it to make a muscle building plan and learned i was not eating enough. I also enjoy the challenging exercise routines it gives me. Also, very easy to use. I would recommend this to anyone who works out or just wants to be healthier. Check out "go menu" too, it's so useful on the road when I need to find the healthiest choice at fast food places. I love it and use it daily!

Mojorisin1967, 5 stars:

24/7 contact at your fingertips to your own personal meal plan as well as all the nutritional value and exactly what you need to either lose weight and/or build muscle. Tony has create an all in one app that will give you what you need in guidance to a better version of YOU!!! Enjoy this app and let it change with you as you go through your transformation!!! Thank you Tony for a great app. By the way, 6 lbs down after only a few weeks!! Can't wait to get to my goal. Feeling super confident!!

Globo Jim, 5 stars:

This app is extremely helpful and user friendly. It has given me the guidance I need to start working out again and stick to it. The results I'm seeing are incredible and keeps me referring back to this app in my personal fitness goals. For beginners and regulars alike.

They_Call_Me_Hybrid, 5 stars:

This app is just what I needed. Its so easy that I no longer have any excuses (aside from lack of time). This app should be recalled "The Excuse Destroyer!" (Just kidding). But it does make it that easy...

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    Tony Hanson
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