Sad? Bored? Happy? Got the giggles? Share a selfie!

See what others are up to, tell others how you feel.

We love who you are. Be authentic. Be yourself.
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Royalton, 4 stars:

It's not obvious how to like someone's selfie. Should be more sign up options than just Facebook. I read an article about this app and think it could be the start of a new way to keep in touch with friends. Trying to get my friends to use it but they refuse. Keep up the good work an update it with a more visually appealing UI. :)

larklarklarklark, 5 stars:

could be from smiling but could also be from chewing too much beef jerky.

Tole88, 5 stars:

Fun and simple!

thumbble, 5 stars:

Brings a smile to my day! Thanks!

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