Legend tells of a dark cave with hidden gold. But beware! The hungry Wumpus lurks within the cave, as do bottomless pits cloaked in darkness. Can you guide our courageous hero safely through the cave and retrieve the gold? The Wumpus World game was originally designed to test the intelligence of computer players, but is challenging for humans as well. Test your skills against larger and larger worlds, avoid the perils within, and emerge victorious with riches galore.
  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Frameworks OpenGL
  • Mobile Features Audio & Video Graphics & Animation
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RidgeRunner67, 4 stars:

Wumpus is a VERY old game. I remember first playing it on a System/360 teletype in the mid-1970s over a 300-baud modem, using the old Ma-Bell telephone you only now see in the movies, and a coupler. The teletype was hosted on a time-share--it could take up to a minute to deliver a reply once you entered an action or room to move to. At the time an entire classroom of kids crowded around a single typewriter that, so that each student would have a chance to enter a single command. The response was not displayed on a screen, but printed onto a rolling sheet of paper, much like a dot-matrix printer works today. How things have changed! Youve done a fantastic job of visualizing this game in the iOS app. But to get the true sense of how this game was played, the text version really triggers the imaginationlike listening to classic rock music on vinyl played by a turntable. Its also more challenging as you have to visualize the grid yourself! Unless youve actually played the game this way, I suspect you will be challenged to appreciate it. Ive read online that theres been a resurging interest in Wumpus lately, and wouldnt be surprised if in some part its due to those who played this game in its original form and are now rediscovering it. It is widely considered to be one of the first true computer games as it was released before graphics were available, and among the most advanced logic-wise of its time. Im thinking adding the text version is not a stretch, since you already have the logic built into the game (notwithstanding the Classic/dodecahedron version as you probably know is more difficult to program graphically and to visualize). If you decide to offer the text version as an Option (which can be offered as a toggle in the Options section, call it the Classic (Text)" version), I will gladly offer the 5th star.along with my thanks for the memories!

Anansi007, 5 stars:

I think this game is a fun way to give your mind a break from the world around you. I love puzzle games, so this one fits right in! Thanks!

PSBE13, 4 stars:

Great game. This brings back memories of my college AI class

Ian horse, 5 stars:

Best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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