If you love trees and enjoy art and craft or illustration, this is the creative app for you!

Create stunning images and animations of natural or abstract looking trees and plants. The variety of intricate fractal trees is endless.

Easily produce high quality greeting cards ready for printing.

Unlike many fractal apps that produce images, this app produces both images and vector graphics that are easy to edit in other applications or print at high resolution.

Export your trees in image or vector format for printing onto T-shirts, textiles, posters, mugs, gift cards, or incorporating into other digital art projects for fine art or commercial work.

This app is great for graphic designers who want to incorporate something new and interesting into their work. PDF output from the app is compatible with Adobe Illustrator.

Tree Crafter can also produce short video animations of trees waving in the wind, or plants changing or growing in a variety of hypnotic ways.


“Love this app! As an outlet for someone who enjoys the creative as much as the mathematical, Tree Crafter mesmerizes. The number of variations, colors and natural animation are very different from any other fractal app on the market. Simple enough for a child to use and the end product can be be used for everything from desktop screens to crafts.” – Adam Sheppard (CEO,, USA)

“Whacky, formal, with a trace of medieval, or entirely naturalistic, these all are lovely images to use. I plan to incorporate this into my art teaching.” - Frances Winder (Artist and Instructor, The Brewery Arts Centre, UK)

“There is an entire forest in there, just waiting to be re-created. Tree Crafter is a fun and interactive exploration…” – David Eraker (USA)

  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Frameworks Quartz 2D Core Animation AVFoundation Cocoa Touch OpenGL
  • Mobile Features Camera Audio & Video Graphics & Animation
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App Store Reviews
B'alamCopal, 5 stars:

I love the hypnotic, meditative feeling I get when making animated trees. It reminds me of watching frilly marine invertebrates, but it's more interesting because I can control all the movements and their appearances. All the trees I have made look so amazing and different from each other. Lately, I've been making some trees that I can use as patterns for paper cut art, reminiscent of Yuko Yamamoto.

Jonathan1209987, 5 stars:

I bought this app for professional reasons, namely, to use for graphic design. My two children of 9 and 12 found this one day about a month ago. They don't play games, but they just love Tree Crafter. They will regularly pick Tree Crafter up and draw amazing, animated trees, for a half an hour at a time, often together, collaboratively. I did not expect that when I purchased this beautiful app. I have used it both in my work, and more often, as inspiration for other design work, so it's definitely not just for children! Way to go!

Neep Neep, 5 stars:

TreeCrafter is meditation. After the first 5 minutes of settling in, the clean UI and immediate response make it feel like Ikebana flower arrangement. I love the addition of subtle wind and growth effects - like breathing life into your creation and watching it dance.

Robotbugs, 5 stars:

Looks great on the retina display. Seems very slick and responsive and the trees are very organic and bizarre. Probably will use this for some craft projects.. Nice!

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