Who needs another calendar? You do! And here's why…

Uptime is an intuitive, dedicated calendar companion for quickly planning recurring activities like work shifts, sports sessions, studying, music practice, or beers with friends.

Easy to use and nice to look at, it lets you focus on the stuff that matters. And 'freeform recurrence' makes it perfect when times and details vary from day-to-day or week-to-week.

The clean design makes it easy to find things, add things, or edit things. You can schedule an activity for a month in just a few seconds.

There's a quick walk-through when you first launch Uptime, but you probably won't need it. It takes just a few seconds to get going and start getting on top of your irregular schedule.

So now you can start planning things like your gym training, studies or meet-ups, and actually enjoy doing it.

It will help you get the most out of your calendar.

Uptime helps you:

- manage time
- save time
- take control of things that happen repeatedly

And Uptime lets you:

- select known events for fast scheduling
- move easily through day, weeks and months
- add notes to individual events
- have the event you create save to other calendars on your phone
- sync with your Mac, PC or iPad (using iCloud)

Uptime is great for:

- sports and fitness
- work and shifts
- health management
- studying and revision
- music practice
- socializing
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    Matheiu D'Amours
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