Apply Yourself with UApply!

UApply lets you, the student, take control of your grades, and your future.

With UApply, you will get live updates to how each test and assignment will effect

your course grade, and in turn, your semester’s GPA.

How does your current semester effect your transcript GPA? Plug your grades into

the GPA Forecasting calculator and let it do the math for you!!

Keep track of all your past courses with the Transcript portion. Are you a Junior or

a Senior and don’t feel like inputting all those old courses? Use the grade dump

feature, just tell us your current overall GPA and the amount of credits you’ve had

and it will keep your GPA weighted.


Coming soon!

-iOS7 implementations and user inputs

-A parent portal so parents can track multiple users

-A quicker forecasting system

-Apply, A portion of the application that will allow users to see how they stack up -

against their grad school dreams

-Standardized testing, What do you need to score based off your GPA for your

dream school? We will let you know

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App Store Reviews
MattMado, 5 stars:

Cool app for tracking grades. Very straightforward and no nonsense.

ChristinaAnt, 5 stars:

This app surpasses any other GPA app that I've used. Highly recommend!

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