My Wallet features activities based on cards that your children would find in your wallet. A driver's license, children's museum membership card, library card and bank card. Each area of the app is themed around one of these cards.

Key features of My Wallet

• 4 different types of fun activities
• 3 complete books based on So Awesome's wallet cards. These books are about the alphabet, numbers, color and shape.
• Pop bubbles
• Play with puppets
• Play with instruments
• Learn about money and counting
• Take a picture and print your very own driver's license
• Great illustrated graphics
• Positive message that is completely kid safe
• No time limits or goals, just play and experience
• No ads whatsoever
• No in-app purchases ever

About So Awesome
Hi! This is Marie-Claire Camp, I invented (imagined, designed and produced) a series of beautiful, durable cards for my twin boys, Silas and Owen (they are the two boys in our logo and the inspiration for our company name too). They love cards (mainly the important cards like my credit, debit and driver's license) and were always stealing them from my wallet. So I made some beautiful, educational and durable, safe, non-toxic cards especially for them to play with.

From the beginning I wanted to create new ways for my children to play, work, learn, and experiment. This app is an extension of that vision. Just like the cards that are in the app, the physical cards that I design and produce are meant to engage little minds and help them understand their world.
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App Store Reviews
Skroo, 5 stars:

Bubble popping is more fun than it should be.

LadyElaine76, 5 stars:

My 3-year-old loves to play with apps on my phone, but often wants to switch between them every few minutes. Not so with the My Wallet app! He can easily navigate between the museum, the library, the bank and the drivers license and I can tell he enjoys the music and children's voices. His favorite (today, anyway) is the puppets which he proudly announced, "I make them sing!". This is a great way to keep him occupied and to let him explore and learn at the same time.

aaronchur, 5 stars:

This is a great app. Visit their store and get the cards. Your children will learn and play and all will be right with the world. :) Kudos for someone thinking inside a different box to bring us this.

Fanpire0618, 5 stars:

He has asked to play this every day for the past week! Keeps him enetertained and he loves to share all the fun things he can do on this.

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