Where style becomes a conversation! Share and get opinions from your friends & followers in real time.

Ever needed a second, third or 50th opinion when going shopping or making a decision?

Simple snap a pic or two, add a time limit and share it. You’ll get all the feedback you need!

The new way to share your life and include your friends!

- Snap a photo or two for those split choices!
- Apply a time limit for how long you want to get opinions from friends.
- Post it to Tiinkk, and then share it to Facebook & Twitter.
- Let the opinions roll in!
- Help friends out by voting on their posts and get points, badges & followers a long the way!

The Press on the fun of Tiinkk:
- “You might want to check out Tiinkk” – The Next Web
- “Crowd source opinions from friends” – The Next Web
- “Tiinkk allows you to get instant feedback” – Geekosystem
- “Intuitive and user-friendly” – The Australian

Other Tiinkkers on the fun of Tiinkk:
- “Tiinkk is like Instagram on steroids!”
- “Tiinkk is awesome!!!”
- “What a great app!”
- “OMG the cooler sibling of Instagram!”

Happy Tiinkking!
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Hannah.a.h111, 4 stars:

Such a cool app

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