• Conversational Freedom.
Face to face conversations aren't saved. Why should text messages be?

• We're making history, by erasing your history.
Peek erases your messages as you read them... then they're gone forever. With Peek, you can text your friends, knowing that it's just like a conversation. No record, no regrets, no worry.

• Who knew privacy had a fun side?
What's more important than your privacy? It's hard to feel safe these days when your digital life is anything but private. With Peek, you can have fun and feel secure.
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App Store Reviews
Pinkthick, 4 stars:

Should be able to dial any number if they have the app installed. Or go by your email address...the would get 5*

CS2392, 5 stars:

I've tried every ephemeral messaging app and this one is hands down the best. The design and functionality is superb. One recommendation is adding the ability to send pix/videos, and maybe location & audio. Great app!

It's free, use it!, 5 stars:

Text that chick you're secretly seeing behind your girl's back. Or..make plans with your bros without worrying your girl will ever pick up your phone and see the plans to go out to the strip club. And when you get the strippers' number you can text it to your friends and erase the evidence. Who ever wrote this app knows how to party. But no, seriously, cheating is bad.

Reidpr12345512, 5 stars:

I like this app! It's awesome to text friends with and would highly recommend this to anyone!

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