Your lifestyle has value, don’t share it for free anymore! Be rewarded for who you are! Discover through the lifestyles of others and become a Spokesmodel for your favorite local stores or brands.

How Spokeable Works:
• Discover foodie and shopping spots through the lifestyle of others.
• Capture your lifestyle related to Fashion, Food and Drink.
• Tag your favorite local Stores and Brands to allow them to find you.
• Get rewarded with deals, coupons, and special offers to be their Spokesmodel!

Enjoy the full Spokeable experience in Miami. More cities are to come very soon.

Basic features of Spokeable include:
Your Profile Page:
• Photos: Share and tag what makes your own lifestyle.
• Favorites: Show the lifestyles you faved and that inspire you.
• Albums: Pick up and organize all Spokeable photos as you feel like.

Your Explorer:
• Search: Find the items, members and businesses you are looking for.
• Businesses around me: Discover spots around you in real-time!
• Suggested Profiles: People with a lifestyle we think you may love!
• Follow Hashtags: Stay updated upon what matters to you.

Your Wallet:
• Pending: Choose what Stores and Brands you want to represent among the requests you receive.
• Your Rewards: Enjoy the collection of special offers and coupons you’ve earned.

* * *
If you own a Business anywhere in the USA, related to Fashion, Food or Drink and want to be part of the adventure, contact us at!
  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Frameworks MapKit Core Animation AVFoundation Core Motion Core Location
  • Backend Java API
  • Analytics SDK KeenIO
  • Mobile Features Push Notifications Camera Location Accelerometer Graphics & Animation
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Version History:
Version: 1  (Nov, 2013 - Mar, 2014)   Show More
App Store Reviews
Mitsupsa, 5 stars:

The concept is great and very user friendly. Great app overall!

RosieRed1230, 5 stars:

Simple to use, fun and awesome! Post pics of your lifestyle and get discounts and rewards from your favorite stores and restaurants! This app takes things to a new level! Jay a great way to connect more closely with people and businesses around you. Love it!

Stuffy Cakes, 5 stars:

This App is very user friendly and is ideal for everyday use!

Juju88, 5 stars:

I love this app! It takes everything to a completely different level especially with people being rewarded for their posts! LOVE IT!!!!

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