Apptronica is a digital magazine 100% dedicated to making music on iOS devices. The magazine offers content such as:

*in-depth interviews with musicians and app developers
*album and app reviews
*technical articles and tutorials
*artist spotlights with audio tracks
*community news and challenges
*exclusive preset and sample packs
*label samplers
… and more.
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App Store Reviews
Mikes jello, 5 stars:

Excellent much needed resource. Thanks.

Gremtox, 5 stars:

The iOS music scene has been growing year on year, birthed by the introduction of the first iPhone, and subsequently kicked into high-gear with the release of the iPad. Fast forward to 2014, we now have a full suite of professional audio apps rivaled only by desktop operating systems (OSX and Windows). Synthesizers, effects modules, DAWs, and interconnects - they're all available on your iDevice. iOS has proven to be fertile ground for indie developers and large corporations alike, and the mobile, touch-screen paradigm has made creating unheard sounds easier and more economical than ever before. Enter Apptronica - a magazine devoted entirely to iOS audio. Clif's magazine has come along at the right time, and it is the ideal resource for those of us who make music using iOS. In-depth features, product reviews, interviews with developers - Apptronica both demystifies iOS audio and the related technologies for new users, and points the way towards the future for iOS audio vets. If you have any interest in iOS audio at all, this magazine is highly recommended. Here's looking forward to the next issue!

Zoopyzoopzoop, 4 stars:

App reviews and tutorials are great....can't have too many of those. IOS bagpiper feature was left field cool. Who'd think of bagpipes and ios....he did! Keep it up, i look forward to reading........... APPTRONICA!

SmiteMatter, 5 stars:

OK to be fair and honest, & since I contribute to this magazine I am probably a little bias, but speaking objectively Apptronica is something I enjoy reading. The folks (not counting myself) writing the articles are extremely helpful and well done. I really wish this was around when I started. If you're into iOS music or just starting out, then this is something you should consider reading. We all need this.

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    Clif Johnston
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