Find your style easily and see what it looks like on you - Try it free.

With StylesOnMe, you can find items from popular brands and see what they look like on a picture of your or a friend. Avoid fashion faux pas and being a victim by seeing what clothes look like on you.

Our current version allows you to:

* Choose from a growing range of items in your virtual closet sourced from reputable online retailers such as the Iconic

* Instantly take the item to a virtual change-room where you can take or use a picture from your gallery to try it on.

* Easy to use bio markers that allow you adjust the clothes

* Add items you like to your own shopping list.

* Instantly link you to the store or retailer so you can get it straight away.

Note that some suppliers provide free shipping on some orders and a generous return time frame.

Best of all it's free.. Which means you don't have to spend hours wrestling in lines, fiddling with clothes and standing in front of shop mirrors just to find the clothes for you.

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