Kenneth L. Foote is a former Florida criminal prosecutor and New York City police officer with the auxiliary division. His prior experience as a Florida prosecutor and in criminal justice system is a benefit to all our clients. Whenever someone is accused of a crime, they are innocent until proven guilty. When we represent clients in criminal defense matters, we ensure the police follow all rules guaranteed under the law and that prosecutors prove their case beyond (and to the exclusion of) EVERY reasonable doubt.

With every legal matter, our legal team takes a detail-oriented, stone-turning approach. We take this detailed approach because in many cases the outcome could turn on one particular detail. This means that we will gather every piece of evidence, interview all possible witness, file every available motion, and explore all available legal avenues to help you achieve the best outcome possible.

- Find legal services at the click of a button
- Get helpful information for dealing with legal matters
- Get turn by turn directions to courthouses and legal offices
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- Receive updates about important rulings via push notifications.
- And much more
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