It’s the most time-honored way to send a gift, without having to whip out your wallet. All you need is a creative idea for an IOU, and GoodFor will help you make a gorgeous coupon that will anyone in your life feel extra special.

Want to surprise your girlfriend? “Good for ... 1 foot rub, back rub, and whatever else you want rubbed.”

Mom’s got a birthday coming up? “Good for ... 1 breakfast in bed.”

Husband is next to impossible to shop for during the holidays? “Good for ... a day on the links with the guys (no questions asked, no crap about the cigar smell).”

Here’s the deal: Whenever you send someone a GoodFor, the person receiving it will almost certainly give you a giant smooch. Also: You are now officially in debt. The GoodFor recipient can cash it in WHENEVER they want. This isn’t any old fake currency we’re talking about — GoodFor’s are every bit as binding as a marriage license or court order. And yes, we WILL come after you if you reneg. That’s the GoodFor Guarantee.

Whether you’re promising your loved one a simple “batch of fresh cookies” or an adventurous “skinny dipping session,” you may be called upon at any time to make good. And here’s the best part: If you do your job well, you may just get your very own GoodFor in return. You know what they say: One good deed ...

• Pick your background - Select from our featured illustrated designs, or pick an image from your camera roll

• Customize the design - Choose your own border, font, and other decorative flourishes

• Send Good - Send your GoodFor via email or SMS (more options coming soon!)
Screenshots for GoodFor Coupons & IOU Cards Screenshots for GoodFor Coupons & IOU Cards Screenshots for GoodFor Coupons & IOU Cards Screenshots for GoodFor Coupons & IOU Cards Screenshots for GoodFor Coupons & IOU Cards
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App Store Reviews
HT80, 5 stars:

Fun app. Easy to use!

Ellakb, 5 stars:

This a fun and simple app to use!!! I would recommend it to anyone

Chchcj, 4 stars:

I love the idea, but it would be great to be able to deliver via text or iMessage. Also when I received one, I couldn't open the coupon on my computer. I was able to open it on my iPhone though.

JB_Dad, 5 stars:

Very rich, well designed app that helped me spice up date night. Great for us romantic types.

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    Kostas Nasis
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