Ignite Publishing helps new and established authors publish and sell their books. Specializing in personal, professional and spiritual development books we can also help any author navigate the electronic publishing world.

Our app is here to help you promote your book to our many users as well as help you as an an author keep in touch with us.

Why – Ignite Publishing?

Time, money, and learning curve are the answers. Most of us have a passion, niche specific talent, or gift that we excel at. This is the reason we want to write a book, provide a service or a product. You do not want to become a publishing guru. You can if you have to, but most of us do not have the time to invest to bring the results we desire.

Anyone who is really successful usually focuses on one thing – that one thing they love and do well. This is how an expert or guru is born. Let us Ignite you to the next level of what you do best and take care of the publishing for you.
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