Memorable paintings stand out for imagination and impossibility. Anamorphic art plays an special part in it. Great artist such as Dali took the challenge in past, now we creat AnaDraw to make it possible for everyone to become an illusion artist.

AnaDraw is creative and powerful. It is designed for both professional artists and art fans, including features like unique brushes, layer blending, handy interaction and excellent performance with fast engine.

AnaDraw redefines illusion art, it innovatively transforms your artworks into anamorphosis art! Anamorphosis is a distorted projection or perspective requiring the viewer to use special devices to reconstitute the image. With a cylindrical mirror and tools of AnaDraw, you can create magical optical illusion art compared with artist such as Escher and Dali.


Features In AnaDraw 2.0 include:

Drawing Features:
- iOS9 based OpenGLES painting engine.

- brush package includes Pencil, Eraser, InkPen, Pen, FeltPen and Bucket, each is well designed for both professional artists and art fans.

- Common tools including Undo Redo, Transform, Colour Picker, Eye Dropper, Color Swatch and more.

- Free Layer with photoshop alike standard blending.

- Frequency of use-based gestures for painting app.

- Big and clean UI designed for both iPad and iPad mini.

- Import, export and share work via Dropbox, iTunes, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo.

- DeviantArt online gallery.

- Support localization for multiple languages.

Anamorphosis Features:
- Build-in virtual cylindrical mirror for showing anamorphosis if you don’t have real device.

- Setup the shape of anamorphosis in details including changing device size, image size and view's position before continue to draw to make different appearance for the image.

- Share your magic illusion to your friends via Email, DeviantArt, Facebook, Twitter and Sina Weibo.


IAP Features

-Extended Brushes includes:
Cyans, Finger, Marker, Airbrush, ZenBrush, OilBrush
which give you more controls over strokes.

-Stylus Pressure includes:
Adonit Jot
Pogo Connect
Wacom Stylus
Hex3 JaJa
which support pressure sensitive control.

-Anamorphic Canvas
Powerful "Anamorphic Canvas" tool makes drawing IMPOSSIBLE artworks POSSIBLE. If you want the distorted unrecognisable anamorphic image to be another attractive image, you really need this feature.
You can draw between anamorphic image and reflected image back and forth until you create a magical artwork.

-AR Image Viewer
View Anamorphosis by Augmented Reality technology on iPad!
includes AR image creator and AR image viewer.
Also download AnaView for iPhone as AR image viewer here:

You can download AnaDrawPlus packed with all features here:

Enjoy the optical illusion art today!
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If you have suggestions or problems, write it in the review! We will read every review from you respectively and continue developing to give you the best tools for drawing optical illusion art.

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