When business disruption incidents occur studies show that people don’t or can’t use their plans, because plans are either not accessible, out of date or too complicated to understand. Often there is little or no information captured to audit or improve the processes after the event.

Crises Control is an award winning Business Continuity and Emergency Mass Notification solution for almost any type of business. It is easiest way of sending the right “Action plans” or “Tasks” to the right people in a crisis situation and collecting data for post resolution review.
• It establishes a virtual “Command and Control” for any incident.
• It sends the incident alert to make sure your users get the message.
• It provides critical information to the users i.e. Incident location, who to contact, supporting media and/or documentations.
• It tracks which of your people are engaged and those that are not.
• It provides a communication bridge even if your networks are down.
• It captures data throughout the life cycle of the crises (compliance).

The crises control mobile app is free to download, once downloaded users can login to their organisations account with their credentials or fingerprint.

The App is simple to use and perfectly complements the portal to meet compliance requirement for BC Standards, General Data Protection Regulations, and general corporate compliance.
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    Krishna Reddy
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