Build on tomorrow what you do today
ZoomOp mobilizes learning and development and is dedicated to continuously deliver applications that help you rocket past your goals! The strategy is to anchor freshly shared important ideas and information by mixing the best combination of learning, development and retention elements in a participative environment.

Simple and Intuitive
ZoomOp consciously embraces the ever changing mobile device operating systems by creating user interfaces that are simple, seamless and match popular models.

It's self-guiding, ensuring fast adoption and user success. It's effortless for administrators to quickly upload presentation materials, benchmarking quizzes, retention messages and populate games while having instant metrics of the learning campaigns' success.

Cutting Edge Technology
Mobile Burst Educational Technology (MBET) powers maximum potential and extreme results. ZoomOp's exclusive inter-connected platform uses more than 6 programming languages (Java, Objective-C, PHP, HTML, SQL, JavaScript etc) combines the latest technology available to provide the most accurate delivery method, while ensuring stability. Its inter-connected platform has been specifically designed to interact with smartphones, tablets and notebooks.

Innovative and Effective
ZoomOp is interactive learning and sharing technology at its best. Mobile Burst Educational Technology by ZoomOp smoothly integrates multiple learning elements with technology to capture the attention of its users. One of the most, if not the most, effective ways to help absorption and retention of information is through participative learning activities. The platform uses common activities like sharing information in a variety of formats with quizzing, however extreme effectiveness happens when ZO injects its retention model and educational gamification. Campaign administrators will see their participant's long term retention quickly outpace past retention expectations.

ZoomOp is now on stage with a fast and effective way to publish learning campaigns and engage their assigned participants. As soon as information needs to be shared - it is. There is no planning or arranging for the recipient. It is published just as fast as a mobile device can message then all elements are easily accessed on mobile devices in segments, even layers if the learning campaign is designed that way, for tangible and significant results.
  • Developer Environments Xcode
  • Frameworks Quartz 2D Core Animation Cocoa Touch
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