Chime is the best way to keep in touch with those you care about, outside of the real thing.

Chime is FREE and was voted the best new product on Product Hunt in August 4th, 2015!

With Chime, you create video conversations, "Chimes", with friends, family, teams, and any small group that you care about. Everyone in a conversation ("Chime") can record to it throughout the day, creating one rich, intertwined group story that serves as both a way to communicate about what you're doing now and, afterward, as a memory.

Your lives, with the people you care about, as one beautiful ongoing movie.

Like texting, you can send messages, "Chimes", to anyone who is in your contacts list.

Our users love to use Chime for:

- A Chime with your best friend, swapping videos and jokes back and forth throughout the day.
- A Chime with your group of high school friends or college buddies, making fun of one another.
- A Chime with your boyfriend or girlfriend, sharing special moments as you're apart.
- A Chime with your family, sharing your vacations, nieces, nephews, and seeing Mom and Dad!
- A Chime with your soccer team sharing inside jokes that only you would understand
- A Chime with your sorority or fraternity, bonding together all around campus!
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