Tally Rally is a unique, fast paced and addictive math game! Give it a try!

Addition has never been more fun and challenging! Did you ever just want to challenge yourself and fuel your mind with brain power? Better yet, have you ever just wanted to play an educational game that was actually fun? Then try Tally Rally and challenge yourself to see how fast you can add single digit numbers in a unique and addicting way! Tally Rally can improve your mental math skills and your reaction time as well!


* add highlighted numbers together as fast as you can using the keypad

EX: 4 and 3, press 7!

* when the sum of two single digit numbers is 10 or above, forget about carrying the one! Just push the single digit on the keypad that corresponds to the "ones" column.

EX: 7 and 8 equals 15, so press 5 on the keypad!

Sounds easy? Give it a try and see how you stack up against your friends!


* an interactive tutorial to help you get started!
* 3 game modes
  * Quick Mode! (Question per second, be quick!)
  * Time Trial! (1 minute to see how many you can answer)
  * Level Breaker! (How far will you get?)
* personal high score board
* social network sharing

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